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YUMI Lashes advanced training

Training objective: Perfect your skills in the YUMI Lashes lash enhancement technique to practice according to the rules of art.

Competency Objectives:

At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to:

  • Welcoming the customer.
  • Establish a diagnosis and perform product tests.
  • Respect the obligations related to insurance.
  • Ensure the cleaning and asepsis of the materials used.
  • Clean the face to remove any element likely to create an interaction.
  • Apply the adapted prosthesis on the lashes and proceed with the application of the adapted products for the enhancement.
  • Prepare and apply the dye according to the client’s skin tone and hair color.
  • Proceed to the end of treatment care (remove the dye, the prosthesis, apply the nourishing products, …)

Duration: 1/2 day or 4 hours

Schedule: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Location of the training course: YUMI Academy 30 rue Saint Jean 42000 SAINT ETIENNE, FRANCE.

Public concerned: Any beauty professional wishing to add an additional skill to the beautician’s work.

Prerequisites: To have obtained the validation of acquired skills in the field of aesthetics or to be a beauty professional

Number of participants: Minimum 1 person, maximum 4 people per trainer

Training session: Permanent entry and exit

Teaching aids: The practical work done during the training is done with material provided by our center and on live models using our expertise products.

Sanction of the training / Evaluation methods: Diploma after practical and theoretical exam and training certificate

Supervision: Mrs. Camille ROULLIER

Price of the training: 250€ht

For more information about our training center YUMI Academy, you can contact us.


The practice, the trainer and the atmosphere were all perfect. A great day of training!

Angélique Feraut

Excellent trainer who takes the time to come and see us and reassure us.

Annabel Martin