QUALIOPI: What is it?

Qualiopi is a national quality certification that aims to attest, based on a unique national reference system, the quality of the process implemented by the providers of skills development actions.

It will be mandatory as of January 1, 2022, to access funding from public or mutualized funds such as the OPCO EP, the FAFCEA, etc.

The certification is obtained following an audit, carried out by a QUALIOPI accredited certifying body.

The certification

YUMI Academy is a training center certified by Certifopac in the category: Training actions.

Our initial audit took place in December 2021 and obtained 100% compliance.

What advantages does this offer you as a trainee?

Benefit from a quality training, in accordance with the national reference system and constantly updated.

By choosing YUMI Academy you are sure to benefit from quality training. Indeed, the Qualiopi certification ensures a certain excellence. It certifies that the training we provide meets the needs and requirements of those who wish to obtain professional certification.

We are audited annually by the certifying body, which allows us to continually improve our services to be in perfect compliance.

Benefit from public funding

Another advantage and not the least, by choosing YUMI Academy, you can benefit from public funding. Qualiopi is the only certification that allows training organizations to attest that their program and their pedagogy correspond perfectly to government requirements.

YUMI Academy ensures that all trainers are trained in the latest techniques and practices, so that your training is as up to date as possible.

Certificat Qualiopi Yumi Academy

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